You Are Appreciated

September 5, 2011 by  
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Have you ever put a lot of effort into a surprise for someone?  Have you ever so much time making someone’s day better that you couldn’t wait to see their reaction? Did their reaction contain less excitement than you expected?  For a full-time caretaker, that reaction may be one that you could face each and every day…

As the primary caretaker for a loved one, you already know that even daily events can be a lot of work.  Once upon a time, you had what seemed like an adequate amount of free time.  You had the luxury of being relaxed as you watched you participated in your activities, spent time on your hobbies and watched your TV shows.  Even with all the responsibilities you did have at the time, life often seemed like it was moving forward.  Each day you had the opportunity to get things done and feel proud of what you had accomplished.  But that was once upon a time, and now each day represents another challenge as you try to maintain your life as closely to normal as possible.  The amount of time spent managing medications, making meals, transporting to appointments and events, and cleaning everything up for your loved one has robbed you of the possibility of ever attaining the feeling of satisfaction for your own personal accomplishments. Read more