Kitchen Project Pictures

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We started this project with the idea that our kitchen was a blank slate.  It included replacing the floors, cabinets, countertops, paint, tile, and even some lighting.  Here are a few pictures of the completed project.


Kitchen - Main AreaHere is the main view looking into the kitchen.  Some of the best features in this picture are the pull out trash can (on left near the sink), large counters, and the double oven range.

During the design, the most important consideration was choosing cabinets that fit together and made sense.  The counter was installed and then it took a few months to complete all the trim work.  During that time we realized that the most important part of our kitchen was the large counter area.  Having that space eliminates a lot of frustration in preparing and serving meals.


(Why is pull out trash can so important?)

Kitchen - Refrigerator

The right side of the kitchen features the refrigerator and a smaller countertop.  This design allows Jessica to get items out of the fridge and put them on the counter without having to take a step.

In this view, you can see the refrigerator is set back into the wall.  Upper cabinets are lined up with the upper refrigerator cabinet.  Lower cabinets stick out twice as far as the uppers, which allows the counter to stick out beyond the front face of the refrigerator.  This counter is grocery shopping and meal prep central: efficient staging area for items commuting to and from the refrigerator.



Kitchen Sink

Of all the appliances in our home, the kitchen faucet is the one we use most often.  The faucet is the one purchase where price didn’t factor into our decision.  This one works beautifully and can turn on with just a wave of a hand.

Choosing a wider base cabinet allowed room for a full sized sink as well as a second smaller sink.  The deep sink holds an entire family’s worth of dinner dishes.  It is one of the biggest improvements compared to the single shallower kitchen sink we had before.




Kitchen Pantry

Here is the view to the right of the stove.  The tall cabinet pantry holds more food and is more accessible than our old closet pantry.  It has rollouts inside and dual doors on the front.  As an extra bonus, there are no more kids hiding inside the pantry (they can’t fit) or times where the large old pantry door blocks the walkway behind.

The upper cabinets all have doors, but many of the lowers have drawers.  Lower cabinet drawers allow easier access to pots, pans, cutting boards, and small appliances.  No longer do we have the one large “cabinet monster” cabinet under the counter that seems to attract seldom used serving dishes and piles of mismatched tupperware.


(Lower Cabinets:  Doors or drawers?)


Kitchen - Alternate View

This view shows the pantry in the foreground and the stove and dishwasher in the background.  The lazy susan between these two appliances provides easy access to larger kitchen items.

Moving the microwave above the stove is another improvement that has made the kitchen more efficient.  It’s easier to clean and doesn’t take up valuable counter space.


During the initial consult with the designer, we figured we would look at white or antique white cabinets.  Our old cabinets were dark and made the kitchen feel even smaller.  Once we looked at all the cabinet options, we decided we liked the look of the stained wood better.  This project also included a few trips to pick out the flooring and the granite slab.  It was a long process in terms of time and energy.

A kitchen is the most expensive room in your home.  It’s worth it to take your time and put a lot of thought into your layout and color choices.  We’d love to hear your comments below.  If you have a question, feel free to ask and we’ll be happy to get back to you.