Kitchen Base Cabinets: Doors vs Drawers

July 4, 2013 by  
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Kitchen Base Cabinets - Doors vs DrawersSome of our decisions are just a product of what we’ve seen around us.  Assumptions are made without even realizing that we having a choice.

When planning our kitchen, we put a lot of thought into cabinet and countertop color, appliances, and layout.  Some choices were initially overlooked.  One such choice was the design of (most of) the base cabinets. Read more

Good Foot to Heaven, Bad Foot to Hell

December 2, 2010 by  
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There comes a time in life when the knees and legs lose some of their reliability.  Typically this occurs late in life as bones, muscles, and body start to weaken.  Stairs become a nuisance that just doesn’t go away.  They eventually grow into one of the biggest single obstacles in life.  Eventually, stairs are removed from the daily routine by casting aside the two story house in favor of a patio home or retirement village.

For most of us, the anxiety that accompanies a trip on the stairs is something that has never entered our mind.  Most people go through life without ever considering limitations in mobility.  Those of us that are fully healthy never even think about placing a call to a restaurant or theater to see if the place is handicap accessible.  Before traumatic brain injury, Jessica never gave a second thought to conquering any flight of stairs. Read more