The $25,000 Garbage Can

July 2, 2013 by  
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The $25,000 Garbage CanHow much would you pay for a little extra independence?  More specifically, how much is it worth to you not to have to ask someone else to finish tasks that you begin?

For stroke victims and their caretakers, increased independence is worth a lot.  Eliminating the frustration of asking for help is a goal of the highest order. Read more

A Different Kind of Life (14 Month Update)

September 19, 2011 by  
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On the way into work today, I decided to try something different and turned the radio to something mindless.  My fingers perused the dial and ended up at the local top 40 station.  Like most morning shows, the DJs focus on topics that may be interesting but are often of little consequence in our daily lives.  They laugh, joke, and discuss celebrity woes and the ironies that famous people encounter as they go throughout their pop culture lives.  The nasally sounding voices of the DJ’s continue their rant for three hours every day on a variety of topics that their listeners find amusing about everyday life.

This particular morning the DJ’s were discussing which new TV shows they would watch each night this season.  The basis of the discussion was that it was important to decide which shows to watch right away in order to maximize television enjoyment for the upcoming season.  The DJ’s went through tonight’s network schedule in much the same way that a college student goes through the list of available courses for next semester, weighing the pros and cons of the shows in each time slot in a quest for the perfect evening on the couch. Read more

Good Foot to Heaven, Bad Foot to Hell

December 2, 2010 by  
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There comes a time in life when the knees and legs lose some of their reliability.  Typically this occurs late in life as bones, muscles, and body start to weaken.  Stairs become a nuisance that just doesn’t go away.  They eventually grow into one of the biggest single obstacles in life.  Eventually, stairs are removed from the daily routine by casting aside the two story house in favor of a patio home or retirement village.

For most of us, the anxiety that accompanies a trip on the stairs is something that has never entered our mind.  Most people go through life without ever considering limitations in mobility.  Those of us that are fully healthy never even think about placing a call to a restaurant or theater to see if the place is handicap accessible.  Before traumatic brain injury, Jessica never gave a second thought to conquering any flight of stairs. Read more