The Purpose of Occupational Therapy

March 25, 2012 by  
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If the purpose of rehabilitation is broken down into a single statement, it would be the following

“To regain the maximum amount of functional ability.”

In other words, its purpose is to allow a patient the ability to perform as many tasks as possible.  For someone who has never dealt with a therapy patient, it may be hard to imagine the frustration of   Read more

The Only Constant is Change (8 Month Update)

March 2, 2011 by  
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As we reflect on the 8 months of recovery since Jessica’s initial trauma, the only constant has been change.  She has been through 5 different hospital/rehab placements, homecare, and finally outpatient therapy.  She has been cared for by a myriad of different doctors, nurses, and therapists in just about every possible health care setting.  People have come into and out of her life constantly as she continues to make progress and get better.  Although change is something that causes more anxiety for a recovering patient than it does for a regular person, Jessica has taken each change in stride and has tried her best to get used to her “new” caretakers.

For a patient recovering from a brain injury, breaking from familiar routines can result in big setbacks.  Changing from placement to placement comes with Read more