Phone Usage Opens New Doors in Recovery

June 30, 2012 by  
Filed under Rehab and Recovery

Jess and I were among the last people to join the cell phone revolution. We always figured that we could leave the phone at home and just trust that things would work out the way we had planned them. We took our first plunge with prepaid phones and eventually graduated to regular phones with minimal function. Only recently did we graduate to phones with a keypad and camera. The phone became something more than way to talk to people. It became a way to share thoughts and memories instantly.

The purpose of upgrading to smartphones was to be able to take and share pictures of our new baby, because everybody knows that a regular camera just isn’t cool enough for this task. About two weeks prior to the due date we went to the wireless store. I wasn’t interested in learning about new phone functions, so I argued for keeping our low-functioning flip phones. Jessica wanted a more vibrant experience, and she sought out smartphones that would take and share great pics of our new little bundle of joy. As so often happens in a marriage, the wife was right and got her way. Read more