Time for a Change (18 Month Update)

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When one reaches a certain age, the daily routines and expectations of life become difficult to change.  We go through the same routines each day as we get ready for work, manage activities, prepare meals, and then eventually wind down for the evening.  Each small pleasure in our typical day elicits warm thoughts in our brain and a happy expression on our face.  The cozy confines of our life are comfortable… they make us feel like we’re living on our own terms.

It is a major shock to realize that a life lived inside our comfort zone may prevent us from the growth that we seek.  We want to move forward in life, but the difficulty of assessing habits and making changes in them prevents us from reaching our goals.  In the self-centered world of the 21st century, it is humbling to realize that the daily habits that we have spent years perfecting may actually be holding us back from the kind of life we desire. Read more

Goodbye Physical Therapy (17 Month Update)

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The holiday season is a time to put the best face on our family that we possibly can.  It is a time where we send out cards with our best family picture, discuss accomplishments over dinner and drinks, and otherwise celebrate a year well lived.  Our brain is wired to promote our lives and families just like a political candidate promotes competence and integrity.  As far as anyone else is concerned, our house is always clean and our kids always behaved.  We are generous and thoughtful in the way we distribute gifts and tip waitresses.  Whether we are talking to the people we want to be with or those we have to be with, our story is the same.  We present our life as one that has a constant upward trajectory.

Up until this past month, Jessica had been making positive progress with her recovery.  Her body and mind had hardened to the challenge much like a triathlete during training for the ironman.  Progress came in different forms each month, and every few weeks presented an opportunity to notice subtle improvements.  Some months her gains were documented by increased walking speed or greater dexterity on a fine motor task.  Other months the gains were not so easy to quantify.  How does one quantify comprehension, wit, or sense of humor? Read more

Innovation and Improvement (15 Month Update)

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When doing a critical assessment of life, it is easy to go through the motions when things are going well.  Critical assessments are much more honest (and valuable) when changes in life itself force a complete overhaul in the way you must live it.

Steve Prefontaine was a distance runner and track athlete who is best known for consistent innovation and improvement in his running style that propelled him to break American records in seven different running events.  He is well-known among running enthusiasts for his race results and competitiveness… and was equally recognizable due to his trademark long hair and mustache.  However, the Prefontaine legend has outgrown the reality of his actual race results Read more

The Only Constant is Change (8 Month Update)

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As we reflect on the 8 months of recovery since Jessica’s initial trauma, the only constant has been change.  She has been through 5 different hospital/rehab placements, homecare, and finally outpatient therapy.  She has been cared for by a myriad of different doctors, nurses, and therapists in just about every possible health care setting.  People have come into and out of her life constantly as she continues to make progress and get better.  Although change is something that causes more anxiety for a recovering patient than it does for a regular person, Jessica has taken each change in stride and has tried her best to get used to her “new” caretakers.

For a patient recovering from a brain injury, breaking from familiar routines can result in big setbacks.  Changing from placement to placement comes with Read more

Home Sweet Home (5 Month Update)

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Home should be a place where everything is familiar.  It should be a place where everything makes sense.  One should have the opportunity to relax and unwind.  It is the one place in the world that can be arranged and rearranged to suit the particulars of our current lifestyle.


The Reality of Discharge

After four months in the hospital, Jessica was finally discharged to the home.  The homecoming news was music to her ears, but to me it was a terrifying thought.  Read more

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