On July 10, 2010, my wife Jessica went to the hospital to deliver a baby girl. During the delivery she suffered an amniotic embolism, which basically means that her bloodstream was flooded with amniotic fluid. In Jessica’s case (as in many cases), the result was heart attack, stroke, and an emergency delivery. In the days since this event, we have devoted our lives to her recovery.

Although life will never be the same as it once was, Jessica has had a remarkable recovery. For the first year, I emailed friends and family regularly to let them know how she was doing and what help was needed. The updates were appreciated and friends and family were happy to see Jess make slow but steady progress throughout. Communicating our needs also gave others a chance to provide their assistance. It enabled our needs to be met and our hearts to be filled with hope that Jess had so much to live for. We felt that God was watching over us and we felt that Jess could exceed all expectations for her recovery… that she could have an inspired recovery.

The purpose of the website is to share everything there is to share about our recovery with you. It is to give you a realistic expectation for how a person can recovery from a serious injury as well as actions that can be taken by caretaker(s), family, and friends to help. Whatever the prognosis or the expectation, there is always hope. My wish is that our ordeal might inform and inspire others to deal with their own situation as positively as possible.