A Week of Hospital Recovery – Day 6

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A Week of Hospital Recovery - Day 6What does a typical week long hospital stay look like?  Here is a day-by-day schedule of our most recent visit.  The patient is Jessica and the treatment was surgery to remove part of the intestine.

Day 6

Patient is in good spirits and is anxiously awaiting discharge.  Blood work and vitals all look good.  Monitor the rest of today and discharge tomorrow.

Trips to the bathroom more frequent.  Patient now feels she often has enough time to make it to the toilet after feeling the urge to go.  Requires moderate assist to get up from bed or chair, and can then walk around with minimal assistance.

Fluid levels slightly improved from yesterday.  Patient is clearing the bowel with more frequency and higher volume, so catheter is removed.

In general, today is a relatively uneventful day.  Patient’s condition is stable and relatively unchanged from the previous day.  She’ll be kept through the night to allow her to gain another day of strength and bowel consistency.


Our Thoughts

After nearly a week, Jessica is ready to get out of the hospital.  Up until the last day or so, discharge was a pipe dream.  While she would have loved to exist in her own home, her medical needs made this impossible.

On day 6, it is finally sensible for her to continue her recovery at home.  The prognosis is a month or two of additional assistance while she gains strength and acclimates to life in the home.  The first few days will be tough.  She requires help in getting off the chair and is unsteady walking across the room.

Discharge could have been today and she would have been fine in the house.  The incision area was my biggest worry, but the doctor said that the act of sneezing or coughing would put more pressure on it than walking, stretching, or going up the stairs.

The shower and the bed are both upstairs, and the doctor recommended trying to make it work as is.  Getting up there might be tough during the first few days/weeks at home, but the only way to get better at it is to simply do it.  Jess hasn’t attempted stairs at all during her hospital stay.  Our biggest uncertainty is whether or not she’ll be able to make it up.

The next few weeks will be long ones.  We’ll be tethered to the house throughout the holiday season as we meet Jess’ medical needs and help her recover her strength.  Although the days will be long, they will be spent in the comfort of our own home.  Hospitals are invaluable for healing, but they are not a great place for an extended stay.  No matter how hard things are at the house, it will be easier than commuting to the hospital.  Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year in our house.  Being home for it is a huge silver lining in the surgery and hospital stay.


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