Dealing with a Tough Diagnosis

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Jessica after surgery Dec 2013 (day 3)One thing we all live with is our past.  It is the foundation of how we are live today and how we plan to proceed in the future.  All the decisions that we have made and all the things we have experienced… every little part of our past is a factor in who we have become.

Some events can have lasting effects.  We can make our peace with them and keep our focus on today.  But our past always remembers.  And sometimes an event that occurred in our past reaches into our present and influences our future. Read more

A Midnight Ride to the E.R.

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A Midnight Ride to the Emergency RoomA normal life is both a blessing and a curse.  For over two years, the monthly struggles and successes of Jessica’s recovery merited lengthy updates.  During year three, life normalized and changes became less noticeable and interesting.  It’s not that recovery had ended, just that life had normalized. Read more

Pushing From Behind (32 Month Update)

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Pushing From Behind - 32 Month UpdateWhen raising kids, one quickly learns that there are no limits on what you are willing to do to keep your sanity.  Children are irrational creatures and dealing with them sometimes requires desperate measures.  Since the beginning of time, creative parents have found unique ways to sooth this irrationality. Read more

Big Record, Small Turntable (31 Month Update)

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Big record, small turntable - 31 Month UpdateAs a kid, I remember being fascinated by my parents’ record player.  As an inquisitive child, I never did figure out how a record could spin around and produce music and voice from all the tiny little grooves.  There was something magical about sliding a record out of its sleeve, placing it on the turntable, and then having the freedom to physically move and place the needle wherever I wanted.

The average record player has three speed settings.  Every record is formatted to either 33 1/3, 45, or 78 rpm’s.  For it to sound right, the record must be played at the right speed.  If the wrong speed is chosen, the record sounds completely different.  Songs played too fast or slow are so different from the norm that they upset our human sense of order and balance. Read more

I Broke My Wife’s Hand (30 Month Update)

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Broken Hand - 30 Month UpdateIf we stop and reflect on exactly how we are living, it becomes apparent that our life has evolved based on how we have conducted ourselves in the past.  The reality of today is generally a result of the choices of all our yesterdays.

On a typical day, we go about our business without worrying about all of the decisions, large and small, that have molded us into who we are.  If life is going well, most of our days fit into the category of “typical days.” Read more

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