The Wisdom of Santa Clause (29 Month Update)

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Every child knows the rules of Christmas.  Behave well and Santa will bring presents.  As a child gets older, they begin to assess Santa’s generosity.  He is clearly a fair and generous man.  Therefore, the presents should be distributed evenly among the children according to the level of their behavior.

The only problem with “fairness” is that every child considers fairness in a different way.  Read more

The Best Argument(s) We’ve Ever Had (27 Month Update)

November 26, 2012 by  
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Anyone who has been married for a long time knows that “married life” is quite a bit different than “dating life.”  Marriage is a relationship of total acceptance.  It is best to go into it knowing that your spouse has some traits that are truly wonderful … as well as some that are definitely not wonderful.  If the wrong partner has been chosen, the arguments grow and the acceptance shrinks.  Their refusal to listen, communicate, or address annoying habits can close the door on the relationship.

The worst disagreements are born out of the tiniest of reasons.  Even the best relationships contain huge fights over small things.  Couples fight over a lack of eye contact when listening, poor word choice when speaking, and especially the dreaded “perceived” failure to appreciate all the things that a partner has to put up with on a daily basis.  These small things stem from our inherent insecurity.  We want to feel important, loved, and taken care of… especially by those we have chosen to spend our life with. Read more

Permanence Sets In (26 Month Update)

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The gurus of personal development insist that tomorrow can be different than today.  They teach that changes in behavior can result in a more efficient and rewarding life.  We are told that if we can enact positive change in our life, we can transform ourselves into something great.

These experts insist that small tweaks in our attitude are the key to success.  If we just reorganize our priorities, then we can reach all of the goals that we set for ourselves.

The experts know that most humans are so set in their ways that they are incapable of change.  They understand that it takes a massive amount of motivation to make the kinds of changes that affect a life.  People who are living a normal life may never find that motivation.  While their life may not be perfect, things move forward at an acceptable pace.

Read more

A Neverending Recovery (25 Month Update)

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Our world is a short term world.  It is a world where we concern ourselves with our immediate circumstances.  Most of our time is spent doing work that we wish would get done on its own.  We anxiously await the end of our work week and the excitement we feel about having a little time for ourselves.

Monday morning comes too soon.  We are back at it… each little task we complete like a tiny piece in the larger puzzle of life.  No two weeks are exactly the same, but most weeks are similar to the week before.

Our larger goals are pursued over long periods of time.  When they are accomplished, we take a moment to enjoy our success.  Once that moment passes, there are always new tasks that need completed… new goals to work toward. Read more

Two Full Years of Recovery (24 Month Update)

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Some fears are best revealed after the fact.  Fears of roller coasters, heights, and even clowns can result in tense situations.  Remember back to the very first time that your parents let you go to the amusement park with friends.  Think about how no one else seemed to have any problem with the biggest rides.  How embarrassing it would be if they knew just how much anxiety you felt?  How dreadful if they knew how apprehensive you were about experiencing greater speeds and taller heights. Read more

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