Welcome to Our Kitchen Renovation

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Welcome to our kitchen design journey

Every great home renovation begins with a terrible revelation.  For many, this revelation comes during a visit to the home of a family member or friend.  On the outside, we’re happy that they have such nice cabinets, countertop, and sink.  Our inner emotions aren’t quite so kind.  Read more

A Day of Aphasia

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The memories are fuzzy, but they are there.  Memories of a life of capability… one where talking and thinking came so easily.  Life may not have seemed easy at the time, but in retrospect those were good times.  It was a time where I felt like I understood my place in this world.  The days went by without thoughts of doubt, depression, or loss.

Following a traumatic brain injury, I sometimes wonder if those days will ever return. Read more

The Magnificent Human Brain

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Of all the wonders in all the world, perhaps the greatest wonder of all lies right between your ears.

If one were to do a thorough investigation of the brain, the only conclusion would be that it is a miracle.  If all living things are made up of cells, then how have some of these cells learned to create thoughts?  Cells are made from physical matter and yet they can control mental thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Without the brain the body would not think, feel, or remember.  If cells had never developed these abilities, then the entire concept of LIFE would cease to exist. Read more

Top 5 Worst Aspects of Stroke

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Life after stroke is never exactly the same as it was before.  Even when the permanent damage is classified as “minor,” life must now be viewed in a completely different context.  Part of the brain has died, and the doctors tell us that brain cells don’t regenerate.  Life will require adjustment, for no matter how much we recover there will always be lingering deficits.

Our pre-stroke daily routine(s) consisted of thousands of individual bits of function.  Activities as simple as getting up from the couch and walking to the bathroom must now be viewed in a different context.  Instead of a single act, this larger movement now viewed as the sum of a number of individual movements.

Read more

Movie Review: The Vow

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It is one thing to decide to go out and see a movie. It is another altogether to watch a movie that closely mirrors your own life’s struggles and tribulations

One of Jessica’s favorite pre-trauma activities was leaving her family at home to go out and catch a movie with her girlfriends. They went to the theater and were able to see movies that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. The movies could generally be classified as “chick flicks”… too mature for the kids and too emotional for the husband.

The first year after the trauma, the movie theater was not an experience Jessica could have handled with her friends. It would have required a wheelchair to get around and some serious help to get from wheelchair into a theater seat. The embarrassment of asking friends to help with such simple and intimate actions would have been too much. It is no fun being the center of attention because of a handicap. Read more

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