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The past year of stroke and tbi recovery has been a rollercoaster of progress.  Jessica has learned so much and struggled through twelve months of adjusting to this new life.  It is now time to celebrate how far we’ve come and gear up for a second year of continued progress.  Welcome to the party and thanks for celebrating with us!


Welcome to the Party

This is an event to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit.  It is a day to take a break from the day-to-day minutia that we worry about on all our other days.  It is a day to gain a broader perspective on our life and how we are living it.  It is a day to thank all our family, friends, and supporters.


Your Thoughts are Appreciated

It means a lot to Jessica that so many people think about her and follow her story.  Even a single statement of support on a poster means so much to her motivation and drive!  We encourage you to leave a comment down below.




Journey Around the Cake

The road has been long and steep, but Jessica has been up to the task.  If there was a food that could give her story its just due, this cake just may be it.






Navigating the Yard

Walking has gotten a lot better in the house.  Outside, the wheelchair is still the safest option.





Reconnecting with Family and Friends

It really is motivating knowing that there are people like you who are reading her story and pulling for her to keep doing her best.  This event allowed Jess to sit and talk with many people who follow her story but live too far away to come and see her often.



Enjoying the Bouncy House

It is amazing how happy kids can be when playing inside an enormous toy.  A good representation of the happiness we feel for a Jessica who can think, walk, and talk again.





Speech Time

I’m back baby!  The crowd below loved this speech.  Jess wasn’t able to meet and greet every table, but her voice is now strong enough to reach everyone through a little public speaking.






Ascending Prayers

They just seem more tangible and more real when they’re sent up to heaven on balloons.






More to Come

It has been a great first year of recovery.  Can’t wait until next year to show everybody how much more I can do.



Thanks for stopping by and for your support.  Thanks for connecting with us on social media and for signing up for eMail updates.  We’ve established this site to show you that life after trauma can still be a life worth living.  Don’t forget to share with family, friends, or acquaintances who need a reminder of how valuable their own life is!


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