Welcome to Our Kitchen Renovation

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Welcome to our kitchen design journey

Every great home renovation begins with a terrible revelation.  For many, this revelation comes during a visit to the home of a family member or friend.  On the outside, we’re happy that they have such nice cabinets, countertop, and sink.  Our inner emotions aren’t quite so kind.  They include big doses of jealousy as well as some embarrassment about the current state of our kitchen.  The smooth lines and visual appeal of a renovation highlights the reality that our own kitchen is at least one generation behind the times.

In our case, the revelation came about in smaller doses.  The cabinets with the busted handles, permanent red stains on the light countertop, and faucet that drips when it is turned off too far.  The counter space is too small and the refrigerator sticks out too far.  The linoleum has developed a few scars below.  The lighting is mediocre above.

This is a project that is long overdue.

Six years ago, we considered redoing the kitchen.  Unfortunately, our retaining walls were in danger of falling over out in the yard.  The possibility of the wall falling on a child made this an easy decision.  The kitchen would have to wait.

Three years ago, we were again ready to upgrade this space.  A 9 month pregnant Jessica and I visited the kitchen design center.  We picked cabinets, countertop, and layout.  As soon as the baby was born we would move ahead with this project…

Up until this point, life had generally gone according to plan.  We were happy and ready to move into the next phase.

(If this is your first time here, read about us before continuing)

In hindsight, it is a good thing we didn’t remodel back then.  Our needs are different now.  After stroke and TBI, the design is less about looks and more about function.

This project is more a “lifestyle” project than it is a “remodeling” project.  Jessica’s limited mobility, reach, and strength prevent her from taking much ownership of our kitchen.

Our kitchen is now a place of frustration.  It is a place where tasks are begun independently, but not finished until reinforcements arrive.  There are many reasons to redo the kitchen, but the #1 reason is the possibility of independence on some of these kitchen tasks.


Read more about our kitchen design project:

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